CC Cameras

Citadel impregnable

The school campus is a secure haven made possible by a multitude of cameras located at strategic nooks and corners. The CCTV network spans beyond the concrete infrastructure into the sports fields, the pavilion, the swimming pool area and even the parking area for the school buses. Advanced technology has provided us the tools to ensure complete security for our precious students.



Gastronomical Delight

The school cafeteria is the most popular area on the school campus.  Every care is taken to maintain hygiene and cleanliness and on the menu is a variety of wholesome dishes and healthy snacks. The importance of healthy dietary habit is stressed.

Literary Retreat

The well-stacked school library houses over 1000 titles catering to the literary taste buds of students from all classes.

Periodicals and journals keep our students well informed about emerging and contemporary trends; the reservoir of fiction serves as a means of relaxation, while the vast repertoire of encyclopedia and other reference books provides food for thought in sedate surroundings. The school library ensures that good reading habits are inculcated in students at a tender age.

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